Chapter 8


“Breasts” = A physical means by which love in the form of nourishment is shown.

“who sucked at my mother’s breasts”  Shows the intimate connection between family.  Therefore a kiss in public would be appropriate.

The same most intimate connection is shared between a brother and sister.  They both sucked at their physical mothers breasts.  Therefore a public display of affection will not be frowned upon.

Canticles 8:1. “O that thou wert as my brother, that sucked the breasts of my mother! When I should find thee without, I would kiss thee; yea, I should not be despised.” Which wish of the church is now accomplished by Christ’s incarnation. The Son of God, who is infinitely higher than we, is come down unto us in our nature, and has familiarized himself to us.

Another thing intended is Christ’s being ingrafted into the church of Christ, which was by his uniting himself with believers in his incarnation, whereby he became a member of the church, a branch of the church, a son of this mother, and a brother of believers, agreeable to the church’s wish. Canticles 8:1, “O that thou were as my brother that sucked the breasts of my mother.”


I would lead you
    and bring you to my mother’s house—
    she who has taught me.

Things a mother should teach her daughter about her beautiful breasts

“Then they can urge the younger women to love their husbands and children,”

I would give you spiced wine to drink,
    the nectar of my pomegranates.
His left arm is under my head
    and his right arm embraces me.
Daughters of Jerusalem, I charge you:
    Do not arouse or awaken love
    until it so desires.


“His left arm is under my head
    and his right arm embraces me.”

Same as 2:6 but different context.

The spouse of Christ is now willing to labor, and to suffer for her husband, yea contented that sometimes joys be intermitted for labors and sufferings, which hereafter shall be exchanged into full and eternal joys: But this she is both willing and able to do through her Christ that strengthens her, and she is, contented to do it, so that he be ever with her, though not still smiling and embracing, yet still supporting and strengthening her


Daughters of Jerusalem, I charge you:
    Do not arouse or awaken love
    until it so desires.


Who is this coming up from the wilderness
    leaning on her beloved?

“wilderness”  From desert to Garden of Eden Joel 2:3.   Her vineyard was being destroyed by foxes in 1:6, blossoming in Song 2:15, a full garden by the end of chapter 4, then a fully statured palm tree, then she’s got spices on top of mountains for him.    The land was so blessed that even the mountains were “laden” with spices.

wilderness” together with 3:6 “wilderness” the wedding happened in the desert.

Love is done laboring and is about to give birth.  Love gives birth to a stricter union.  Love gives birth to oneness.

“Wilderness”  “up from”  It will not be remembered that God brought Israel out of Egypt but brought His people from everywhere.  It’s a greater work to bring them from everywhere.  Jer. 16:14-15


Hamilton pg 140-141

Septuagint version is, “strengthened”, or “strengthening herself on her beloved”

“leaning” Yes this is talking about a physical leaning on her husband. She has been there with him in the physical wilderness and she has given herself completely to him to the point where she is leaning on him. Physical support and it’s where she wants to be. Close to him, touching him and leaning on him as they come out of the wilderness.

‘Tis a coming to Christ, cleaving to him, and expressing a choice of him and trust in him, in act and practice. JE Being in the wilderness with him was a test. Will she come up from the wilderness leaning on him or being wise in her own eyes?

When persons experience a true trust and reliance on Christ and their beloved, they rely on them with love, and so do it with delight and sweet acquiescence of soul.  2:3

Compare 8:5 with Galatians 1:15, 4:26

Is the bride now a product of Jerusalem, like the “daughters of Jerusalem”

So the worship and service of God, which was the condition of the covenant, is often called “knowing God,” which phrase especially denotes a cleaving to him as our own in a near relation and special propriety.

“leaning”  Her physically leaning on him is an outward expression of her inner heart attitude of leaning on him, trusting in him and depending on him due to the love they have.


Psalm 62:1 Truly my soul finds rest in God; my salvation comes from him. 
2 Truly he is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I will never be shaken. 
3 How long will you assault me? Would all of you throw me down— this leaning wall, this tottering fence?
Under the apple tree the bride aroused the king,  under the apple tree, Jerusalem conceived the bride, under the apple tree Jerusalem labored in love (watchmen and daughters) along with her.  Under the apple tree Jerusalem gave birth to the bride of the apple tree.  The Messiah’s bride.  Under the love and wisdom of Israel’s Messiah, the holy city Jerusalem gave birth to a queen who was a Gentile enemy slave.
under the apple tree
All the birds of the sky nested in its boughs, all the animals of the wild gave birth under its branches; all the great nations lived in its shade.
“You” is masculine.  The woman talking to her beloved as she is leaning on him, getting strength from knowing who he is and experiencing his love to her.  She roused him under the apple tree.
She wanted the king and roused him under the apple tree where she was humbled in his presence.
Under the influence of his love she aroused him 1:2-2:6,  they conceived the relationship in engagement and wedding 2:7-5:1, They labored in love after the wedding 5:2-8:3 and love gave birth 8:6.
“Mother”  if the mother is Jerusalem.  Then Jerusalem birthed Solomon under the apple.?


“We remember before our God and Father your work produced by faith, your labor prompted by love, and your endurance inspired by hope in our Lord Jesus Christ.”
Sol 2:3; that is, under the ordinances of the Gospel; where, having no sensible communion with Christ for some time, he being as it were asleep, she, by her earnest prayers and entreaties, awaked him, and raised him up, to take notice of her; whereby she enjoyed much nearness to him, and familiarity with him;
She drew near to him and he drew nearer to her.  She roused him.
?Under who’s love and protection did Israel’s Messiah’s Mother.  The mother of Israel’s Messiah conceived him under the apple tree.  The mother/Mother of Israel’s Messiah labored under the apple tree.?
“Under the apple tree”
Oxytocin — a hormone released by the pituitary gland (notably during both orgasm and childbirth) — is known to affect our behavior. It can cause or strengthen labor contractions during childbirth.

5Who [is] this coming from the wilderness, Hasting herself for her beloved?

Living harmoniously.

she was “leaning” on Him, that is, her arm on His arm, her head on His bosom; so she prays now that before they part, her impression may be engraven both on His heart and His arm, answering to His love and His power

Genesis 2:21–24, “And the Lord caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he [slept]: and he took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh instead thereof; And the rib, which the Lord God had taken from man, made he a woman, and brought her unto the man. And Adam said, This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man. Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.”

If a friend that is very dear to any person, and of great merit in the eyes of any person, not only stands in a strict union with another, but also does particularly express a great desire of that other’s welfare and appears much to seek it; it is agreeable to nature that the welfare of the person united to him should be regarded, for his sake and on his account, as if it were his own welfare. For by means of this desire of the other’s welfare, his welfare becomes his own. For that good which anyone desires, sets his heart upon and seeks, thereby becomes his own good. It becomes a good that is grateful to him, or which tends to gratify and delight him. For ’tis grateful to all to have their desires gratified. In such a case, the dear and worthy person makes the other’s interest his own by his explicit choice. By his own act he places his interest in the interest of the other, and so substitutes himself in the other’s stead as to the affair of interest or welfare.  JE

Under the citron-tree

Under the canopy of love.  A location where love happens.  Certainly all 4 things didn’t happen under the same tree.

Under the citron tree”, waked, pledged, labored and bore.  Aroused, covenanted, labored and gave birth to him.  ?or to him meaning them as one.?

?Speaking to Solomon of Jerusalem his mother.  Under the apple tree the bride aroused king Solomon.  There Jerusalem made pledges to him.  “all Israel obeyed him”.  At a time of love they all labored with him.  Building the temple.  Spreading peace.  Thus giving birth to the king of peace.  Everyone gathered under one king/King?

Arousal, conception/pledging, laboring, giving birth are all times of love.  One related to the bride and Solomon the other times of love relating to Solomon’s and his mother.  These times of love are comparative the the phases of growth the couple went through in the Song.

Interesting also how a kings union with his people would also have phases beginning with something enticing the union, covenant promises made like the people will obey the king and the king will serve the people, Then you have the promises played out in a labor of love, then you have the birth or fruits of that love.  Oneness, love and peace.

Under the apple tree”  Under the sovereign care of love?

In a place and time for various love she aroused his affection for her Song 1:2-2:6.   Under the apple tree at a place and in a time for erotic love Solomon’s mother conceived/ pledged him.  Under the apple tree in a place and time for sacrificial love Solomon’s mother labored with him.  Under the apple tree in a place and time for joyful love Solomon’s mother gave birth to him.  Arousal, conception, laboring and giving birth are all times and places, when and where love happens.  Love uniting and the fruits thereof. Love drawing together, attraction leading to covenant promises or engagement and wedding then laboring in self denial or love and then the birth or fruits of the union and laboring which is oneness.

The basic progression love takes in these verses is also similar to the progression the bride and Solomon had in the Song.  These verses don’t outline the Song but they do illustrate a kind of outline that starts with arousal, moves to wedding pledges, and onto laboring in love and then the birth of oneness as the

I have waked thee, There did thy mother pledge thee,”

The bond between mother and son is strong.

“Mother”  Jerusalem?  Gal. 4:26  “That is above” “Holy city of peace”

A city can be a “mother”  2 Sam. 20:19.   Mother is often used who “sucked at breasts” to mean literal mother.

There she gave a pledge [that] bare thee.

There is Solomon, his mom, a location and some action of love on the part of his mother.

‘Under the citron-tree I gained your affection; there thy mother pledged you; there she that bare you gave you birth.”

waked thee”  aroused her.  Drew her to himself by his love and character or name and good shepherding skills. Awakened her to engagement in 2:16

pledge”  His mother, Bathsheba, pledged Solomon to her in

Passion, mutual possession, laboring/Pain and birth/Fruits of love.

“conception”  at a time when an ultimate manifestation of love is clear for all to see, like the banquet hall.  A place and time in which they could most sweetly dwell on their love for one another.

Powerful wooing, passion and conception, love laboring after the wedding, then fruits of that love manifested from 6:3 onward.  Recognized fruits of union in love.

At a time when she aroused his love to her, a time when Solomon’s mother conceived him,  A time of labor, a time of birth.   Love happens during arousal, conception, laboring/pain in order for love to grow and result in oneness.


Put in other words.   Since our minds, wills are so close and our feelings for each other are the same, and we are functioning as one, keep me there 1 because to be jealous and not have my hearts desire is a feeling to severe and cruel to bear like hell fire.  2 because love is strong as death.  3 because our love for each other has sparked and 4 is a flame above all others.  5  because many waters have tried to quench our love but could not 6 because to have what we have is priceless and unconditional for is someone where to give their whole household for love the offer would be utterly scorned.

Both the ability to get to the level of closeness and stay there is due to loves superlative strength, the unbearable pain of its jealousy, love being a flame above all others,

8:6  “Set me as a seal upon your heart, as a seal upon your arm.

In general. She has proved her love to him by thoroughly uniting herself to him. JE

“Set”  Place.  Put her there. See me as there sealed upon your heart.  For her eyes were set on what the “Spirit desired” Romans 8:5.  Love. Her heart was always to some degree set upon his, but now their hearts are so much in line one with the other and their love for each other has reached a point where her heart never really leaves his.

set me as a seal over your heart

In Pure love to other’s or love not arising from sinful self-love, there is a union of the heart with others; a kind of enlargement of the mind whereby it so extends itself as to take other into a mans self: and therefore it implies a disposition to feel, to desire, and to act as though others were one with ourselves.

“Love desires the most Intimate Communion Greatest Possible nearness”  Nothing separates them now like it did before.

And this holy stamp, or impressed image, exhibiting clear evidence to the conscience, that the subject of it is the child of God, is the very thing which in Scripture is calledthe seal of the Spirit, and the witness, or evidence of the Spirit. And this image enstamped by the Spirit on God’s children’s hearts, is his own image: that is the evidence by which they are known to be God’s children, that they have the image of their Father stamped upon their hearts by the spirit of adoption. Seals anciently had engraven on them two things, viz. the image and the name of the person whose seal it was. Therefore when Christ says to his spouse, Canticles 8:6, “Set me as a seal upon thine heart, as a seal upon thine arm”; it is as much as to say, “Let my name and image remain impressed there.”

“love in heaven always meets with answerable returns of love; love is always mutual, and the returns are in due proportion.  For Love always seeks this.   Love always seeks returns in due proportion. The love seen here sure looks like it is mutual and in due proportion due to the seal or closeness of relation.

?Is this the end goal, an end goal,  a chief end?  Knowing that a blessed stricter union is the benefit of such hard suffering labor will give hope so long as some portion of the union is felt before marriage.  The blessed union of a king to his servant, the blessed union of a fellow believer, and the blessed union of a shepherd to his people.  If there be any suffering in the pursuit of a greater love and stricter union with the king, spiritual brother and shepherd, then how much more sweeter would a more closer union with a husband be.  Because the level of intimacy is closer,  The stricter the union with the object loved, the greater the happiness of that union.

He destroys her wrong view of love by being the example and teaching her to love Christ as His bride does.   By her seeing and experiencing his love her idea of love increases.  And a battle in the war is one. Its the experience that sparks and arouses her affection.  Her heart is affected by his words and actions.

“set”  “seal”  Love doesn’t give the heart the power to love perfectly here on earth.  The leader may intend to lead and follower intend to follow but there still is failure.  Their love is more of a universal completeness verse a perfect completeness.

put me as a seal”  “Heart to heart”

There is a union with her messiah/Messiah, by the indwelling of the love of the LORD, two ways: first, as ’tis from the lord/LORD, and is the very Spirit and life and fullness of Him; and second, as it acts to her lord/LORD: for the very nature of it is love and union of heart to him/Him.

“Love don’t only unite the lover to the beloved but it seeks the union of the beloved to it.”

Romans 15:6 “so that with one mind and one voice you may glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Set me as a seal”

Hang. 2:20-23 ‘On that day,’ declares the Lordof hosts, ‘I will take you, Zerubbabel, son of Shealtiel, My servant,’ declares the Lord, ‘and I will make you like a [b]signet ring, for I have chosen you,’

There is a similarity between a signet ring and a seal for a signet ring often has the image of the king on it or a reflection thereof,  So she is saying she is a reflection of her husband, perfectly renewed into the image of God who is love.  The love of God in her heart is the same love both in degree and quality as him.  They are one in every way and she is sensible of it.

“Set me as a seal”

Wrap me around your heart, keep me forever in your mind.  Keep who I am and my relationship to you always before you for you are always on my mind, for love unites and overpowers the sin that separates.

Bracelet or Necklace.  Some think that she is asking him to put a picture of her on a necklace and wear it around his neck.  Or to put an image of her on a arm bracelet and wear it on his arm.  I reject this viewpoint because this verse is connect to the next with the word “for”.   “For love is…”  as strong as death.   Now does a husband need a love that is as strong as death in order for him to put a necklace on that has her image on it?  Would his action of putting on a bracelet or necklace with her image on it be “priceless” or prove their unquenchable love for each other?  I very highly doubt it.

Seals anciently had engraven on them two things, viz. the image and the name of the person whose seal it was.

upon thy heart”  if she is on his heart, she is on his mind and she is in his heart of affections.  Sealed there.

Shulamith answers with a request to preserve for her this love. KD

How is love manifested to the mind?

nothing avails anything good without love.  1 Cor. 13

“Love” An general idea of it by its effects in the heart.  as an inclination to another’s happiness.

As a seal upon your heart”  

A seal has the same image of the original.  

Same mind. The original is his mind which is a faculty of the heart.   They have the same mind in their hearts, so she can says set me as a seal.  In his mind he has a right idea of love, in her mind she has a right idea of love.  In his mind he is the head and she is sealed to his arm.  In her mind he is the head and she is sealed to his arm.  The two are one.  As the heart and arm are one.

Same will and emotions.

The image gets it’s form from the original. The Son Eternally generated from the Father.

From Adam’s side came Eve.

She is as a seal upon his heart. Every faculty. Mind, will and emotions are the same. They are inseparably close because they have the same mind, same will and same love and faith.

Her will, desires and affections. Her will is completely yielded to his/His. They have the same will. Both will or desire to please and glorify God by doing His will. Both have the same primary desire in their will. To have this kind of union of hearts is only possible if both are believers and have the Love of God in their hearts.

Out of love they give themselves to each other for both are selfless. “I am his and he is mine.”

The kind of heart to heart sealing that they have reached is not possible for non believers because they don’t have a true and holy love in their hearts. Her heart is not only close to his but she is also set upon his arm.

So when it comes down to it both will have selfless motives not selfish motives.


love, the bond of union, is seen intuitively: the saint sees and feels plainly the union between his soul and God; it is so strong and lively, that he can’t doubt of it.

The saint stands in no need of multiplied signs, or any long reasoning upon them. And though the sight of his relative union with God, and his being in his favor, is not without a medium, because he sees it by that medium, viz. his love; yet his sight of the union of his heart to God is immediate: love, the bond of union, is seen intuitively: the saint sees and feels plainly the union between his soul and God; it is so strong and lively, that he can’t doubt of it. And hence he is assured that he is a child. How can he doubt whether he stands in a childlike relation to God, when he plainly sees a childlike union between God and his soul, and hence does boldly, and as it were, naturally and necessarily cry, “Abba Father”

Sometimes the strong and lively exercises of love to God do give a kind of immediate and intuitive evidence of the soul’s relation to God. Divine love is the bond by which the soul of the saint is united to God, and sometimes when this divine love is strong and lively, this bond of union can be seen as it were intuitively. The saint sees that he is united to God, and so is God’s, for he sees and feels the union between God and his soul. He sees clearly and certainly that divine love that does evidently, beyond all contradiction or exception, unite his soul to God. He knows there is an union, for he sees it, or feels it, so strong that he can’t question it, or doubt of it. 1 John 4:18, “There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear.” How can the saint doubt but that he stands in a childlike relation to God, when he plainly sees a childlike union between God and his soul? He that has such a strong exercise of a divine and holy love to God, he knows at the same time that ’tis not from himself. This that he feels so strong in his own heart brings its own evidence with it that it is from God. It is a childlike union of his heart to God, that God himself gives; and therefore, in seeing and feeling this union, he sees and feels that God has taken his soul, and has united it as a child to him, so that he does as it were see that he is a child of God. This seems to be that in Scripture which is called the Spirit of God bearing witness within our spirits that we are the children of God (Romans 8:16); or “the Spirit of adoption, whereby we cry, Abba, Father,” as in the preceding verse. The Spirit of God gives those motions and exercises of a childlike love to God that naturally inclines the heart to look on God as his Father, and behave towards him as such (see note on Romans 8:16).9 God, in giving this, does manifest himself to be our Father, for the soul does as it were feel itself to be God’s child. It feels beyond doubting as it were a childlike union to God in the heart.”

6Set me as a seal on thy heart, as a seal on thine arm,

Now if you really knew what she was saying in 8:6, and understood who she was and who he was the natural question would be how is that possible.  How is it possible for two enemies to become one?  How is it possible for two who were so apart to be so close.

Put me close to your heart for whatever you think I’ll do.  Your sweet wish is my command.  I will do anything you want.

God’s view of Solomon is an infinitely strict oneness.  God’s view of the bride is that of being infinitely near to Himself so her husband should view her as she is united to God in love. God has in view, in an increasing communication of himself throughout eternity, is an increasing knowledge of God, love to him, and joy in him.  Edwards  “God’s end in creation.”

Set me as a seal”  “Seal”  Closeness.   Job 41:7, 15.  Nothing could separate them, no stigma due to outward appearance, no natural born enmity, no thorns, foxes, rains, winters, mountains, foxes, terrors of the night, leopards, her sleeping, The distance of a highly exalted king to a lowly salve girl didn’t keep them apart etc.  Nothing could separate them from the love which was theirs in the person and work of the coming Christ.

He has set his stamp upon her.

When a man would go off on a long journey the woman would say, “Set me as a seal upon thine heart”  Let me be impressed on your thoughts and affections, as a seal leaves its impression upon the wax.  Rosenmueller

Why is she able to say this?  Because her likeness to him is the same!  They are heart to heart and like minded, therefore he can set her a seal upon his heart,  she never leaves him nor forsakes him, she is always right there by his side leaning on her beloved.    Even when separated they will still be heart to heart, like minded having the same love.

She has has matched herself with his heart and she is an image of his heart.  Their hearts are one, two different hearts sharing the same love, and having the same mind.

He is always on her mind (duration), highly esteeming him as he also values her, being more precious than rubies.

He wanted her to only have him first in her mind.  To always have her doves eyes fixed on him and now they are.  Not only their minds are one but also their hearts and feelings.

Seal” likeness.  Degree.  The degree of likeness depends on how deep the impression went.  God’s beloved son, Jedidiah, Solomon, the king of peace had a level of Christ likeness in him upon his heart.  Set her upon his heart as a seal and she would be an image of his heart.  She would not be his heart but like it, for his heart was like that of the coming Christ.  Full of unmeasurable wisdom and an unquenchable love.  Adams love was quenched yet the kings love will endure forever.

seal”  She is now one with him in every way and she knows it.  She is a woman after his own heart.

The nature of a seal all the world over is an open declaring and confirming a thing to be one’s free act and deed.

Things are cherished and augmented by their like, but they are destroyed by their contraries.

She knows herself, her spirit her soul, her heart and she knows his heart by his words and actions and she knows they are one in the same.

How can she say set me as a seal unless his heart and her heart were one, and she is an image of his.  If she weren’t in his image then she would say set me as a partial seal upon your heart and a partial seal upon his arm.  They are likeminded in every way and not just some.  A seals image is that in which was impressed upon it.  His heart is impressed upon her like an image upon a wax seal.

Seal” Seal would have an image.  His heart.  She is like his heart.  His heart had love, joy and peace, Solomon, and so did she who was named Shulammite or peace.

His heart was meant to be impressed upon hers.  She is now in his full likeness.  He was meant for her and she was meant for him/Him.  Just as he loved and submitted to God so also she loved and submitted to the will of her husband for she was like him.

“seal”  Cant be revoked, what is sealed by the kings signet ring with his image upon it can’t be revoked.  Unchangeability, set.  Set me as a seal upon your heart.   The fact that she is close to him and like his heart won’t change or can’t be revoked,  she can’t lose his image upon her and nor will her actions waiver.  Esther 8:8

Union.  Sin separates but love unites.  “Whoever covers an offense seeks love, but he who repeats a matter separates close friends.”  Proverbs 17:9,  Is 59:2

God’s Name is in them Jealous.  God’s essence is in them, love.

Pr. 3:3-4, 7:3 with 8:5 and 8:10

“Heart”  Mind.  We have the “mind of Jesus Christ”  only to the degree that we have cleaned our spiritual teeth.  Does an idea in my mind square with that same idea in the mind of Christ?  Whatever truth that may be.  To that degree then is my mind one with the Christ practically.  She has the mind of Israels 3rd Messiah.  They are of the same mind, same love.  Philipians

Heart”  This implies that they should read and study together, having the same line of thought, helping each other toward higher mental culture. It implies also that they should worship together, communing with one another upon the holiest themes of life and hope. Together they should bow in prayer, and together work in anticipation of the same blessed home beyond this life of toil and care. I can conceive of no true and perfect marriage, whose deepest joy does not lie forward in the life to come.

seal upon your heart”   This image that she is of him is the same.  Her heart is like his, loving, wise and full of peace.   This is descriptive.  The Song describes or illustrates how she becomes more like him and the will of her heart becomes not her own but his.  So there is what is in the Song described and there is what God desires of every woman which is to be like Christ which may not be like her husband and there is what actually is in the marriage.   What actually is in each individual marriage will vary.

heart” Love is in his heart and love in her heart.  Love is in the heart of God the Father and in God the Son.  God is love.  Love in the human soul is the image of love in God.  If she is like a seal close to either his physical heart or spiritual heart, either way their love is the same.

Heart”  having the same Wisdom of God in the heart.   1 Kings 10:240 “All the earth was seeking the presence of Solomon, to hear his wisdom which God had put in his heart.

This union of man and woman is dearest, closest most intimate and harmonious.  Most beautiful.

They commune.  Their is a mutual sharing of those things that most delight each other in the relationship in conversation, prayer and worship.

Application.  Since a part of love is thinking about the other person, the what can you do that will show her you were thinking about her?   Would you remember the wedding day and her birthday and valentines day?   Would you do something that showed you included her in your decision making?  Make her happy by saying or doing something that really took some extra thought about her in order to say or do!

Thine arm”  a highly valued place to be.  Jer. 22:4.  and signified that you were chosen by God Hag 2:23

She no longer acts independently or delays in her acts of love but is in lockstep with his heart because her love is…

I don’t think she could tell him to set her upon his arm in Song 5:2 when she slept.  She is fully awake and her love on constant fire therefore he can count on her to be there for him when he call like we can trust our arm to be there and do what we will.

She has found a fixed abiding place in his heart, as she always was on his mind and in his heart.

If he were to wear an image of her upon his heart.  Like a picture of her on a necklace over his heart, what would that signify?

“The Apostle’s discourse of the great love of Christ to men, Ephesians 5:25 to the end, leads us thus to think of the love of Christ to his church as coinciding with his love to himself, by virtue of the strict union of the church with him. Thus “husbands, love your wives, as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it… that he might present it to himself a glorious church. So ought men to love their wives, as their own bodies. He that loveth his wife loveth himself.”  Therefore mutual respect is due.  “”God’s making Eve of Adam’s rib was to typify the near relation and strict union of husband and wife, and the respect that is due in persons of that relation from one to another, as is manifest from the account given of it. Genesis 2:21–24…”


arm”  “instrument of righteousness”  Romans 6:13

His arm is his and she is set as a seal, so close and tight that they are one.  She is his arm. Apart from her he is head only.  One flesh.  They are one flesh.  Full restoration.  He loves her as his own body and she submits to his authority as the arm obeys the heart of the one in authority.


Your love for me will never depart, for you have set me closest to your heart.

And as a seal upon your arm by manifesting our love in deed as well. (Artscroll 195)

heart and arm”  The two were meant to go together.  Work in a symbiotic relationship.  God didn’t just make man without woman.

There is a song that has lyrics as a prayer to God that says,  “Take my hands and let them move at the impulse of thy love”.   Love is in the heart and the hand moves at the impulse of God’s heart.

heart and arm”   Shepherd and follower.  Or King and Queen.  The two work together.  What good is an arm without a heart?  Or what good is a shepherd without sheep or a king without a queen or a Bridegroom without a Bride.  Or a head without a body.  What good is there to have a lover without a beloved.  So also it was not good for man to be alone.

I suppose you could say it this way. In most marriages both know each other in their hearts. They are sealed heart to heart yet it is the wife that wears the pants in the house therefore he is the one sealed to her arm, with him yielding to her decisions in a disagreement.

How close of a relationship is there between your head and arm?   How strict is the union between your thinking it and your arm doing it?  How close is the bond between you heart and body?

[ Life Worthy of the Gospel ] “Whatever happens, conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ. Then, whether I come and see you or only hear about you in my absence, I will know that you stand firm in the one Spirit, striving together as one for the faith of the gospel.”  Christian ought to function and strive as one.

heart, arm” The heart the seat of love and the arm the seat of power.  He wouldn’t be effective in his role unless she did hers.  Mind and body or Mind, heart and will.  Her will is not her own but their wills are the same so she does the will of his heart like an arm does the will of the heart.  Not my will, she says, but your be done, for I am yours and your desire is for me.

They are one.  They are so close that the relationship flows in harmony like that of the mind and the body.  They are in sync one with the other.  The mind does its role and the body listens the same as he does his role and she listens, so that he could set her upon his heart and seal him on his arm for their wills are one due to the superlative nature of their love towards each other.

Set me ever upon your heart and trust me to do your will as you do your own arm.

In the ways that the arm is to the heart so also she is to him.  Or as the heart is to the arm so he is to her.  The heart rules and the arm serves.  Both are parts of the same body.

Adam was first made on the latter part of the sixth day, but was as it were imperfectly made, because without a companion. And when he had seen his want, probably on the night that followed that day when he was in a deep sleep, Eve was made of his rib. And when he rose from his deep sleep in the morning, and the sun rose, and all things were renewed, he received his beauteous spouse that had been formed of him. She was brought and presented to him in perfect beauty and purity.

Exclusiveness.  Closed fountain,

“she would know once for all that Christ’s heart is entirely hers; that he loves her with the intensity and. the very vitality of his being; that his inmost heart, the life-spring of his soul belongs to her. And she would also know that that love moves his arm. She longs to see herself as supported, sustained, strengthened, defended, preserved, and kept by that same strong arm”  Spurgeon

“They are often Represented as so one as the members & the Head are one body. the nearness that there is between H of [b. & wife] are is Great but this is not marginal so Great as there is between different parts or members of the very same natural body there is & Greater near between the diverse parts of the very same Person than between any two different Persons. . but because this is not near enough still fully to Represent the Closeness of union between X & believers the SS. [bear] a step further yet & Represents X & believers not only as being on body but one sp. 1 Cor. 6 16-17. two saith he shall be one flesh but he that is joined to the L. shall be one Spirit. to belong to a persons very soul & to be this holds forth as if they were not only one body but one soul. to belong to a persons very soul & not only to be a holds forth a Greater nearness to him than to be a part of h member of his body . he is nearer that is as it were a part of anothers very soul than he that is as a part of his Body. seeing therf that X takes his discip. into so Great a nearness to hims. of Relation & m no union surely nothing Can be too much in the boldness & nearness of their access to him or in the degree of the Intimacy of that Communion . with him.”  JE

“Heart and arm”  No fear is in the heart of both of them.  The arm responds to the heart of the husband without fear of losing some benefit.   He will love her anyway, for love can’t be bought.  If the words or actions are done out of fear then then it’s not love so that the show of respect is forced. Both his heart and her heart have pure unselfish motives.

What this is not.  This is not her saying she is sealed to his arm but not his heart in fane obedience.   They aren’t at a point in the union where she obeys on the outside but on the inside she would rather not.  This would be to be sealed to his arm and not his heart.  Yet she cold be sealed to his heart and her love temporarily sleep but not ultimately be quenched.


Have they reached some level of perfection?  Yes and No.  They are close, very close for sure and acting like it.  But not as if they don’t sin at all.   They don’t allow any sin to live peaceably in them.  Their primary delight is in all of the law of God.  He wills it and she has more of a habitual patter of listen than not.  Her disobedience is rare and rarer.  The spirit of love in her does more often prevail against the flesh, and that the scope, aim, tenor, and main drift of their lives is in the law of the Lord; that is their walk 119:1 and their ordinary course is not wickedness or acting separately or independent.


For strong as death is love,  For love is as strong as death

Strong parallels cruel and death parallels Sheol syntactically and semantically, so each term subtly modifies its predecessor so as to almost a parody.

Love and death are antonyms and their unitive and separative powers of each are alike.  Irresistible and universal.  They resemble each other in that they both offer fusion, final integration.

Strength to continue forever!  Death doen’t stop causing further and further more and more painful separation.

The question is how are these principles of love illustrated throughout the Love Song so that they grew to being one in every manner and degree?

And as this law of love is active, and laborious, so is it strong and mighty. Song of Songs 8:6 and Rev. 12:11.  Even death itself cannot overcome love, for  love is stronger than death.  Yea love enjoys dangers, and death itself; and takes them for advantages; as by which the excellence and vehemence of love may be really expressed.

“For”  Thus far, The Love Song has dealt with love through the specific experiences of the lovers.  Only here, at the climax of the Song, do we find an affirmation of the nature of love in general.  Ian Duguid


Because love has these characteristics she is able to ask him to do what already is so in the relationship.  They are heart to heart in every way, fully like minded, of the same love, they are one.  Those who are one are one because of the characteristcs of love found in 8:6-7

The beauty and harmony of her being sealed to his heart and arm is a true and just exhibition of the love of God in the relationship for love is…  An external exhibition of the internal glory of God, love.

for”  Because.  The reason for something.  Why is it possible that they are one?  Because true love has certain characteristics unity or oneness will happen.  She knows him and she knows herself,  she recognizes their union one with he other and she is like him so much that she is an exact likeness or image of him, like a seal over his heart.  As she contemplates the reason for this increasing likeness and conformity to him the various characteristics of his love expressed in courtship and marriage came to her mind.

for”  The bride says “set me as a seal upon your heart”  In order for this to happen a love with a superlative power is needed.  It’s not that she is saying put a necklace with a symbol or image of me around your neck close to your heart, for that would no need a power stronger than death to do that.  A superlative power is on display in her words.

“for love is…”  Through experience she has learned what love is.  Her conclusion follows. She truly understands what love is and intuitively knows the Divine origin and characteristics of love and its jealousy.

“for”  The reason why 8:5 is possible.   Could he set her as a seal upon his heart if either of their love was weak?  No.  Could he count on her being there and responding to his will like his arm if either of their love was weak or if jealousy didn’t hurt?  No.

8:6 Tsk

8:6  For love is as strong as death,

“Love is”  Love is strong.  This helps us understand the nature of love.

Both love and death have an eternal grip on those under its influence.  Both love and death have and eternal power.

Both love and death are above human strength therefore supernatural.

Both love and death have power to accomplish their purpose.  A purpose of love is to unite and a purpose of death is to separate.

Knowing one truth you can argue to another.  Since both have strength to continue forever after physical death they are both infinite.

It is the nature of love 1 to dispose both of them to their respective duties in the union. Romans 13:10, “Love worketh no ill to his neighbor.

2 “it is the nature of love , or at least love to a superior as such, even to incline and dispose to imitation.”  A child of a father and the queen of peace to imitate the king of peace.

3  It is the nature of love to dispose them to wholly love God with all their heart, soul, mind and strength.  No faculty of the soul is left out.

4  It is the nature of love to cause him that loves to value the esteem of the being beloved. “If his love to them be so great, and he so highly values them as to look upon them worthy to be his end in all his great works as they suppose; they are not consistent with themselves, in supposing that God has so little value for their love and esteem. For as the nature of love , especially great love, causes him that loves to value the esteem of the person beloved.”  JE

5  “Tis the nature of love to rouse and stir to an earnest desire to please, and certainly it must be a great pleasure to have earnest desires satisfied.”  Song 1:12

6 It is the nature of love to tend to “completion”  1 John 4  “when we love one another“.  It tends to completion because it is the nature of love to be communicative.  “To complete the idea of perfect felicity, there must be an object loving as well as an object loved. […] Such is the nature of love, that it must be communicative. Infinite love therefore must be infinitely and necessarily communicative. It must have an object on which it exerts itself, and to which it displays itself; into which it flows, and that flows back to it again. There is a far greater felicity in loving and being loved than in loving simply. It is the mutual harmony and correspondence of two distinct beings or persons, that makes the completion of love and felicity. […] Hence God could not have been infinitely and eternally loved, if there had not been from all eternity, some being distinct from himself, and equal to himself, that loves him infinitely; since, as we have shown, creation could not be coeternal.”JE

7  Love is a principle that can’t reside in a heart that has a direct contrary principle of soul death in it.  Only one can be master. “the very nature of Love is such that tis Impossible to love an truly love any thing and at the same time to love a direct Contrary as much or more Influences darkness & light. beauty & deformity.” JE Therefore love has a tendency to peace. Love tends to peace, as it fixes the aim of the soul to a certain end; so that the soul is no longer distracted and drawn contrary ways by opposite ends to be sought, and opposite portions to be obtained, and many masters of contrary wills and commands to be served; but the heart is fixed in the choice of one certain, sufficient, and unfailing good: and the soul’s aim at this, and hope of it, is like an anchor to it that keeps it steadfast, that it should no more be driven to and fro by every wind.

8 Tis the nature of Love to incline to nearness to be averse to absence & to Love nearness of access.  Those that we Love we Love to be with.  We delight to come often to em & to be much in conversing with another.

Conjugal love in marriage.  The very flame of God is
1.  Inseparable, (inviolable)
2.  Sacrificial-  Death can’t stop it
3.  Unquenchable
4.  Can’t purchase it, it valued more than “all the wealth of ones house.”
“I will put my law in their inward parts, and write it in their hearts, and will be their God, and they shall be my people.”
List where the power and strength of love is seen.
List where the cruelty of its jealousy is seen.
List where the flame is above all other’s.  Zeal, ardency, fervor.
List where the many waters were and why unquenchable.
List where the value of love is seen.  Praise worthy above wine. Myrrh. Jewels.
The list of waters gives a context.  What are the difficulties that needed to be overcome in order for them to be heart to heart?
Both had to have a right idea of love, desirable, character to cast out fear, mutual affection “Let us”, both must have the highest esteem of love “more than wine”, love overcomes stigma’s, love overcomes the curse “shepherd”,  power of love to keep focus of doves eyes, power of love to humble, conquering power felt in trials,


“The infinite excellency of the divine nature, as it is in itself, is the true ground of all that is good in God in any respect.”

Proverbs 27:4. “Before envy.”] It had better have been translated, “jealousy.” The word is the very same which Solomon makes use of, Canticles 8:6. “Jealousy is cruel as the grave; the coals thereof are as coals of fire, which hath a most vehement flame.”

“Love”  With all the mind, soul, heart and strength.

Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 6.30.14 PM.png


Love”  Add up all the superlative characteristics of love mentioned here and then all is but a shadow or a mere spark, a reflection of the love of God in Christ.  All is but a drop compared to the infinite ocean of love seen in the words “My God, my God why have you forsaken me” and “it is finished.”

Her communion with God and his son, Solomon, consists in the fact that they all share the same love.

Love”  “Death”  Both powers beyond human ability.  Supernatural powers.
Above the power of human nature.  It takes a power above that of human nature in order to accomplish the closeness they reached in Song 8:5

love”  The two became one due to their love.  Love is the comprehension of all true virtue, which primarily consists in love to God, which is exercised in a high esteem of him/Him, admiration of his/His perfections, complacency (satisfaction, delight) in them, and praise of them.  “We will praise your love more than wine.” 1:4

There is a union with Christ, by the indwelling of the Love of Christ, two ways. First, as ’tis from Christ, and is the very Spirit and life and fulness of Christ; and second, as it acts to Christ. For the very nature of it is love and union of heart to Him.

love”  The love their shared for each other was in the kingdom of God.  1 Chronicles 28:5  “Kingdom of the LORD”  The LORD over Solomon was King of Kings.  Theocratic Monarchy.  Kingdom of love.  Just as it was God’s kingdom and the union of all its people under one king was because of God and due to God’s Spirit of love dwelling in the people.  King, Bride, Daughters of Jerusalem etc.

Love”  “Death”  Both powers beyond human ability.  Supernatural powers.
Above the power of human nature.  It takes a power above that of human nature in order to accomplish the closeness they reached in Song 8:5

Love desires the strictest union with the object of its affection.  Love delights in unity.

Love hates feelings of separation.  Love hates feeling as if their is a division.  Love hates being in conflict the one they love.  Love hates disunity.

love”  indwelling of the same Spirit, that the saints have all light, life, holiness, beauty and comfort on earth.

Love is… a principle.  Principles are universal, eternal.  ?Self existent?  Can be illustrated in the positive and negative.  (List other characteristics of principles)

for love is”  Powerful, passionate, persevering and priceless.

by virtue of the union with the divine nature, is in a sort infinite.

For love is… Every verse since the beginning helps us get to a right idea of love. The word “for” directly connects to the previous verse and it indirectly connects to the poem. The whole poem leads up to their hearts being sealed and her sealed to his arm which helps us get a right idea of love.

Solomon had unmeasurable wisdom and his wisdom is beautiful. “As the agreement of a variety of things in one common design, as of the parts of a building, or complicated machine, is one instance of that regularity which belongs to the secondary ( kind of beauty) so there is the same kind of beauty in what is called wisdom, consisting in the united tendency of thoughts, ideas and particular volitions, to one general purpose: which is a distinct thing from the goodness of that general purpose, as being useful and benevolent.

“is”  she “had experience of it this tendency of Love viz to Cast our fear & to open the way for boldness & nearness of access”

Love is…” an affection.  A more vigorous and sensible exercise of the inclination and will of the soul.

Love as strong as death, not stronger.

“Strong”  Strong describes the power of love.  Love is strong.  The kind of strength that love has is compared to death.   The strength of death and love are similar.  Irreversible apart from God.  Above human power to change, therefore superlative in nature.  Irresistible.


Love is unquenchably strong.

Loves strength enables two beings to get closer. Love has power to cast out fear. Love has power to accomplish it’s many purposes.

strong”  Love has power.  II Timothy 3:5, “Having a form of godliness, but denying the power of it.” Love is strong enough for godliness.

Strength to arouse the affections.  Love has a superlative power to arouse affection in your beloved.

So if I were to say that Ben Ladin’s Muslim daughter married a holy Jew, a son of David and their marriage ended up being the sweetest most harmonious godly relationship ever.  You would say “How is that possible”  they are so far apart, yeah they are enemies.  How could a marriage work between two enemies?  Both had a right idea of love and God.

All through out the Love Song we can see the power of love to unite enemies by overcoming the enmity in her heart with love.  Power of love to keep her humble and destroy pride.  Power of love to overcome selfishness 2:16, 6:3, 7:10.  The power of love overcome unbelief “name” 1:3 for love believes all God’s promises 1 Cor. 13.

Strong”  Power. Proverbs 8:14  “Counsel is mine and sound wisdom; I am understanding, power is mine.”

Her own selfishness/darkness could have overpowered their union but it didn’t.

From type to anti-type

See the wisdom of Solomon to draw her closer to himself to the point that they were one, heart to heart as she likens herself to a seal upon his heart.

Love has strength to incline the lovers heart in a way that they both desire possession of each other along with giving them both a greater and greater delight in giving themselves to each other.  So that she was happy to have him be hers and her be his but she would often doubt his love when it wasn’t felt.  When he was physically there with and for her she felt love to the point where she passed out.  When he was there and wanting her to get closer to him she temporarily shy’s away.  When he was not present for what she feels like was to long a time she didn’t feel loved nor safe like being in the room where her mother conceived her.  (Does she try to buy his love and think she is earning it by going about the streets and squares.)

Romans 8:

“as”  As far as I can tell you never see love and death having equal strength at the same time in the same person.  We do see Adam and Eve dying for they first time when they chose Satan as their authority rather than God.  Then we see the power of love on display in a believer that has faith in God and repents thus returning to God and leaving Satan.

“as”  Equal to.  Whatever strength love has so does death.  Both have strength to accomplish their purpose.  Yet love is not stronger.  Love is as strong as death, yet only one principle can reign dominant as maser of the soul.   Satan is the little authority over death but Jesus Christ is the ultimate Authority who has crushed Satan and has the keys to death so that is power no longer reigns in the new heart.  Because the heart of stone is gone so that a new power as strong as death now reigns in the new heart.

Since Love has power to draw two people closer then what sweet things can I say or not say to draw us closer? What can I do or not do to draw us closer? How can I touch or not touch? How can I smell? How could I look? How can my headship be more like pure gold so that we get and stay closer and she stays sealed to my arm? Where, when and how could I deny myself for the sake of love and closeness in our relationship?


“Strong as death”  Death has power to to separate the body from the spirit.

“Strong as death”  Death has power to “sting”.  Love has power to unite body and spirit. Since love is strong as death, then how come we see a love stronger than death in the Song? How has the spiritual death of their souls lost it’s sting? You can only have one master.

As strong as death”  Death may be regarded as a personification of a life-denying force.  A taking away of special revelation of God in Christ.  John 17:3

It is a life long commitment: “love is strong as death

Death”  is “never satisfied.”  Hab. 2:5  Always wanting more.

“The mind set on the flesh is death.” What is death? To have your mind set on the flesh. The soul that has it’s mind set on the flesh and what it desires is dead and dying. By dying I mean hardening. The soul under the inevitable power of death is set on the flesh. Set on pleasing the flesh first without regard to what pleases God. Notice also that the mind is “set” on the flesh. Slave to sin only. Gen. 6:5

Proverbs 27:20
Sheol and Abaddon are never satisfied; so the eyes of man are never satisfied.

Proverbs 30:16
“There are three things that are never satisfied, four that never say, “Enough!” Sheol, the barren womb, land that is never satisfied with water, and fire that never says, “Enough!”

Do you ever hear a wife say,  “Okay you have loved me and I know you love me, I have had enough of your love, you can stop loving me now.”

Once you have had the experience you want more and more of it.  The strength of Love comes from the superlative delightfulness of the experience.

Irresistible strength of love and death.

“The mind governed by the flesh is death.”  Romans 8:6

“As no one has power over the wind to contain it, so no one has power over the time of their death. As no one is discharged in time of war, so wickedness will not release those who practice it.”
Love has strength to keeps its hold and so does death.
But death couldn’t keep its hold on Jesus Christ.
“But God raised him from the dead, freeing him from the agony of death, because it was impossible for death to keep its hold on him.”
Love has strength to let righteousness reign.
so that, just as sin reigned in death, so also grace might reign through righteousness to bring eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.
Death has power to have mastery over us but not Jesus Christ.
“For we know that since Christ was raised from the dead, he cannot die again; death no longer has mastery over him.”
Death has power to sting in the end.  Love has power to give pleasure.
“The sting of death is sin, and the power of sin is the law.”
The fear of death has power to keep someone in sin.
and free those who all their lives were held in slavery by their fear of death.
Anyone who does not love remains in death.
We know that we have passed from death to life, because we love each other. Anyone who does not love remains in death.
The second death has power.  But not over the Bride.
“Blessed and holy are those who share in the first resurrection. The second death has no power over them”

Brings to together in an inseparable bond. Transcends all powers this side of Sheol.

Love in its priceless value and unquenchable strength

“Its Jealousy”  On the one hand you have love and it strength.  Now you have loves Jealousy.  So for every act of love for or towards someone there is an equal and opposite hatred for the opposite.  Or jealousy anger toward the foxes.

Love has strength to bring about a closer relationship with God and other’s but detests and is far and getting farther from the wicked yet is close and intimate with the upright. Prov. 3:32.


Since love is strong as death, can you feel and see the strength of it in your heart and life?

Rom. 8:6  “To be carnally minded is death.”

Sharp as Sheol is jealousy,

Its tenacity. “Jealousy,” or, rather, ardent, affection, intense love—this is what is meant, not the mean passion which is known as jealousy. The same love is spoken of all through. And it is “cruel,” or rather firm, severe, tenacious, unyielding, “as the grave,” as Sheol. Does hell ever give up its dead? Can we call back any from the grave? Can they who are there come back thence? So love holds fast that which it loves. The story of this song, as many a beautiful human story, proves the tenacity of true love.

“Jealousy is an affection or passion of the mind, by which we are stirred up and provoked against whatever hinders the enjoyment of that which we love and desire. The cause and origin of it is love; the effect of it is revenge.”

Unbearable.  Separation and disunion is unbearable.    It must get unbearable to increase desire for a stricter union or closer relationship.  Then the soul will deny itself and do whatever it takes to get closer and have him back in her life doing his part and her now even more happier doing hers.
What is similar about the feelings you have experiencing God’s anger that are similar to the feeling you get when jealousy is enflamed?  Painfully cruel.

When or where do we see her having a cruel, unbearable feeling?  Why was she feeling pain?  Felt separation from the lack of the presence and experience of love from her beloved was unbearable during the long nights away from him in 3:1, while suffering apart from him in chapter 5.

Loves jealousy is cruel and harsh because the feeling of not being loved is not a good feeling but a cruel one.  Feelings of betrayal and what it is like to not have what rightfully belongs to you.

She can’t bear the love sick feelings when she is not in possession of her beloved when she so desires him/Him.  3:1-4, 5:2-4  (Harrison and Abby Craig, couldn’t bear being apart during mission trip)

Jealousy brought about by separation feels intensely miserable.  Absolute despair can ensure if she thinks the one she loves and owns had forsaken her for good.  No reduction of torment is either felt nor seen anytime soon.  Love sick.

Love each other more and more.  Loves holy jealousy doesn’t grow cold but grows hotter.

Spence-Jones, H. D. M. (Ed.). (1909). Song of Solomon (p. 195). London; New York: Funk & Wagnalls Company.

“Anger is cruel and fury overwhelming, but who can stand before jealousy?”
an expression of conveying feelings to wreak vengeance.  Vengeance on its enemies.

2 Corinthians 11:2, “I am jealous over you with a godly jealously; for I have espoused you to one husband, that I may present you as a chaste virgin to Christ.”

Zeal.  There is a composition of vigorous lively actings of the will and inclination in the affect of zeal.  There is in it high approbation of some person or thing, together with vigorous opposition to what is conceived to be contrary to it.

Holy Jealousy burns for the One her heart loves.  She is jealous for his/His honor.  She is jealous for his heart alone and he also is jealous for her mind and affections always and to the greatest degree.  How bad did their love want this?  Severely bad.  With the deepest severity and strictness.

The Jealousy of their love is pure, a manifestation of their mutual desire for full possession of each other.

“There will be no end to the increase of His government or of peace, On the throne of David and over his kingdom, To establish it and to uphold it with justice and righteousness From then on and forevermore. The zeal of the LORD of hosts will accomplish this. ” (Isaiah 9:7)

Jealousy” “Single-minded passion”

Unstoppable due to loves strength and duration.

their sins by their suffering, in their Head, Jesus Christ, the due wrath of God.

  1. It is ordered so that there should be, in man’s nature, a foundation laid for so strong and dear a love towards a woman, if a suitable object and occasion presents, to represent the exceeding love of Christ to his church; and that man’s jealousy of unchastity in the woman beloved should be so violent and cruel a passion, to represent the jealousy of Christ towards his people, when he sees they give that to other lovers which belongs to him alone.
  2. The extreme fierceness and extraordinary power of the heat of lightning is an intimation of the exceeding power and terribleness of the wrath of God

The firmness and hardness of the grave and hell are without abatement.

God is Jealous for His people. God shines the light of His Glory in front of Israel as they are in Egypt, they believe God and put blood on the doorposts and are delivered from God who is a consuming fire,  Jealous is His Name.  God proves His jealousy over Israel by destroying their/Their enemies by showing Himself more powerful and lovely than any of the God’s of Egypt, thus winning the hearts of His people.

Jesus. That cruel jealousy of his would make him start up from his heavenly repose, to snatch his chosen spouse from him who would seek to lead her to the hellish altar. She shall not be divorced from him; she must not be married to another.

Jealousy is “fearful or wary of being supplanted; apprehensive of losing affection or position…vigilant in guarding something…intolerant of disloyalty or infidelity.” *The American Heritage Dictionary, (Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company, 1992), 964.

Cruel”  similar to Esther not being able to bear the destruction of her people. “Can’t bear” Esther 8:6

“Cruel”  Other uses Bible Hub

Other unbearable situations.  Gen. 4:13, Dt. 1:12, Psalm 38:4  “Cruel” like getting bad news

Sheol”  A place where God’s anger burns to the lowest part.  What would that experience feel like?  Cruel, sharp, severe, unbearable.    Because it is unyielding.  Undesirable feeling to have.

Sheol can open its mouth without measure.  It’s desire for occupants can’t be filled to the point where it stops wanting more.  Is. 5:14    The grave can’t be satisfied.  (I suppose this is why divorce is Biblical in the case of Adultery.)  The hunger to destroy with a holy jealousy the enemy doesn’t get to a point where it has had enough.  The hunger grow along with a greater knowledge of the offense.  Holy hatred towards Satan who apposes love will be satisfied with knowing it will be forever but continues to open it’s mouth wider and wider without measure.

“One [of] the principal things (see two other reasons in sermon on Hosea 5:15; 7 see sermon on Psalms 2:11, the second reason of the doctrine)8 that make it needful in God’s account, that men should have a sense of their sins and danger before God first reveals his redeeming love to their souls, is that when his mercy and love is revealed they may not have undue apprehensions of God; lest their sense of his love and grace, and their apprehension of his majesty and justice, should not be in a due balance agreeable to the true glory of the divine nature. God would discover his true glory to the soul at the same time that he discovers his love; he would discover his love and grace as part of his glory and beauty. But now if there was this love and grace without infinite majesty, sacred divine authority, infinitely dreadful hatred and wrath against sin, this love would be no part of God’s glory: the manifestations of his love would be derogatory to his glory. So he that sees God’s love, and don’t see his hatred of sin and his wrath against [it], don’t see God’s glory. A discovery of the love of God, without an answerable discovery of the awful and terrible majesty and holiness of God, has a tendency to dispose the soul in some respects unsuitably towards God: there will not be a due reverence with love and delight; the soul will be attracted to God, but will come with an undue boldness. ‘Tis the will of God that when we rejoice it should be with trembling; and so [he] won’t discover his love without showing his terrible majesty.”

“For a fire is kindled in My anger, And burns to the lowest part of Sheol, And consumes the earth with its yield, And sets on fire the foundations of the mountains.”

Since you don’t want that feeling what would you do to make sure your spouse doesn’t have affections for another?   What would you do so that they don’t feel that way?  How will doing those things keep the bond tight?


Since love is Jealous they should do nothing in the relationship to provoke that holy righteous jealousy and displease the one they love.

Its burnings [are] burnings of fire, a flame of Jah!

Almighty flame, Purest flame, brightest flame, sweetest flame, its jealousy the cruelest, most intense, longest lasting.  The point is that everything that this flame is, in its burnings it is to the greatest.  A flame above all other flames.

Best translation I have seen so far is “a Almighty flame”.  Yet Almighty only gives the idea of unlimited power.  Although the love shared between the two is an almighty power.  Almighty modifying power.  But the idea is that whatever a flame is it is to the superlative degree, so that the purity or quality of the flame of love is also important and is of a superlative quality and purity.

“sparks”   Flashes.  Flaring up.  From a heart filled with the fire of love, sparks fly.  Similar to a fountain filled overflows with streams.  So a principle of love dwelling in the heart has sparks or acts of love.

Love is “The Very Flame of the LORD”
What things are similar about a flame and love? Heat and light. Light of the knowledge of God in the face of the coming Christ. And heat the intensity of desire that comes with each flash and the comfort heat gives or joy and delight in God that is the souls peace and rest.

Flame of Jah!

Having a superlative length, width, height, depth and

flame”  Light and Heat.  Light is abundantly used in Scripture to represent and signify these three things, knowledge, holiness and happiness. 6

Love and its Jealousy is a flame, light and heat.  Changing all who come in contact with it.  All who have more and more of it communicated to their heart.  Written and graven deeper and deeper.  Brighter and brighter light and greater heat.  More and more true knowledge in the mind and greater degree of emotions along with that knowledge is communicated to the soul, therefore there is fulfillment of the law, love, in the whole heart.

Flame”  Her beloved king gave himself to her and his love to her proved stronger than death. And on the other hand, she loves him with a supreme affection: nothing stands in competition with him in her heart: she loves him with all her heart: her whole soul is offered up to him in the flame of love.

“Flame”  A flame is both heat and light.  The very nature of a flame is that it is burning, it gives light and heat.

Gladness is included in love.  A person can have more of it than other’s.  If Psalm 45:7 speaks of Solomon then God gave him more gladness than other’s.  8:10


A spark of love is of God, something of God, is inclined towards God.   Every spark in the heart creates an action of the heart that leads to a loving action of the body.   When a loving action of the body is seen this is similar to light for light reveals.  When someone does something  loving it reveals something about God to us, for God is love.  Light of the knowledge of God in the face of either Solomon or the bride is seen and sensed, so that the mind gets a right idea of love.

Let you light shine, so that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.”

Flame, light, truth, knowledge in the mind.  Truths as to where our true happiness is are communicated to the heart when love is sparked.

“O send out Your light and Your truth, let them lead me; Let them bring me to Your holy hill And to Your dwelling places.”

“The very flame of the Lord.”

Love Jealousy will not allow her to share her heart with another but drives her to say “Set me as a seal upon your heart, as a seal upon your arm” for love is as strong as death nothing can quench its Almighty flame.  Either way the verse leads us to ask the question “Where is the source of this Love?”  God, who is Love.  So love is a flame of God.  And love is a flame above all other’s.  But what does the text teach?
That loves jealousy is a flame above all other flames.  A flame has power and that power is intensified here as the greatest flame, yeah a flame of Jah!   A flame has power and this flames power is superlative, having more power than any other.

Love in it’s essence is a flame above all other’s in what respects?

Ardency, vehemency, delightfulness,  emotion above all other’s, a light of lights, a heat above all other heats.  The highest good.

There is more to the highest/greatest degree and quality about love.  “Its burnings are burnings of fire, a flame of Jah!”

The heat will continue to intensify, the light will continue to intensify, the capacity of beholding will continue to grow as humility is cultivated by beholding Beauty or the holiness that consists in Love To God.   The Beauty of the fact is that there is now mixture of evil in God’s Love.


refers back to Jealousy and superlative referring back to Jealousy also implies a reference back to love for what is in the stream must be first in the fountain.  Love being the fountain and jealousy the stream.
“Its flashes are flashes of fire,”

Love is compared to a flame in the love Song.  The ending affixed to the Hebrew word for flame is “Jah”  which in Scripture is either used for two reasons.

  1.  To show the superlative sense of the word it is affixed to or
  2. Jah is the word for The LORD.

So either the love in the Song is compared to a most vehement flame or

Flashes or Sparks”

An apprehension which already has inclination or judgement in it.  a sensiblelight involving direct sensible perception and the inclination of the heart.

“Flashes”  Love can be kindled in you.

2 Corinthians 8:6-8

So we urged Titus, just as he had earlier made a beginning, to bring also to completion this act of grace on your part. But since you excel in everything—in faith, in speech, in knowledge, in complete earnestness and in the love we have kindled in you—see that you also excel in this grace of giving.

The love is the song is compared to the very flame of the LORD.

“Flame of the LORD”  verses “Flame above all other’s.”

Love comes from God.  God is the source.

“Finally, brothers and sisters, rejoice! Strive for full restoration, encourage one another, be of one mind, live in peace. And the God of love and peace will be with you.”

If you were to ask the question “Is there a most vehement flame of love on display in the Song?”  The answer would be yes.

If you were to ask the question “Is the flame of love in the Song from God, something of God and has God as its primary object” the answer would still be yes.

Scripture uses the ending “Jah” to describe mountains.  There are mountains and there are the mightiest of mountains.  Thus mighty mountains.  In the same way you have love and you have a most vehement love.   The most ardent affections.  Clearly the most ardent affections are on display for us to see in the Song in many places.  Yet also a love of this quality and degree can only be from God, something of God and have God as its primary Object of affection before any real love to a spouse or neighbor can happen.

Israel and YHWH

Both are called by the same phrase.  Jer. 33:16 and Jer. 23:6

The righteousness imputed to Israel is the LORD’s.  The righteousness of the New Jerusalem is also imputed to her by the LORD being her head  or through her union and communion wtith Him in love.  Salvation from sin and shame by imputed righteousness is also illustrated by God when he covered Adam and Eve with the garments of an innocent at the end of Gen 3.

Love to God

Love to God is universal.  Included in a Love to God is an inclination to Him in every way.  Love to God is not exclusive.  In marriage a woman does not only accept her husband as provider and not king or as desire him as romancer and not shepherd of her heart.  Love to God inclines both the husbands heart to lead and her heart to delight in following and get better at following, helping and being a friend thus proving her love to God.  She loves him in every way possible.  To love and grow in love in every Biblical way is to have a universal love.  Love obeys and learns to better obey God.


Lets consider it our duty to often think of the love of God the Father,the love of God the Son and the Holy Spirit which is Love in order to enflame our hearts toward God.

Genesis 1:27  “ESV So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.”

Love, Holy Spirit, Holiness

He is infinite happiness and joy itself.

“Many waters”  “overflow”   Many waters has to do with the plurality and various forms of opposition.  The next sentence has to do with the amount or degree of opposition.  Many has do to do with the multiple and various different foxes.  And the inability of love being drowned out has to do with the degree of power each fox has.  Can the highest amount of water drown out the flame of true love?  No.

Cant. 8. 7. many waters cannot quench Love neither can the rivers overflow it.

These words express the lasting and abiding nature of love in the soul.    Love is strong, it’s jealousy cruel when it is sparked.  It is a flame above all others.  Lasting and abiding in nature.  And priceless.

Love is of an everlasting nature and abiding because love never fails and “remains under all things.” 1 Cor. 13:7

Love remains constant and persevering under all apposition that may come against it.

List the foxes, many water and thorns that are the apposing force/water

1  A.  The original enmity in a stony and hardened heart is overcome when a powerful love as strong as death and is above human nature is in the heart.  Enmity in the heart is one of the most powerful enemies.  The enmity in the heart is in opposition to love.  Any enmity in our own hearts either against God or other’s is our enemy.  Our own unredeemed part of our soul is an enemy.  We ought to be jealous over ourselves.  “Above all to guard our hearts for it is the wellspring of life.”  Because in the heart are the fundamental principal of enmity.  A low estimation of God, unbelief and selfishness.

i.  Here we see a greater power of love in overcoming original sin and enmity in the heart and giving it a renewed image.  There is a powerful love that creates man in the image of God, but a greater power is needed to restore the lost image that has enmity in it.  Adam had no enmity toward Eve before the fall.  Their love was powerful.  Yet it takes a greater power for two who were sinners to get closer.   A greater effect proves a greater power.

B.  The remaining enmity in the heart of a believer is a powerful enemy that must be destroy in order for a closer more intimate relationship with the one you love.

2  The world

3  Satan

True love never appears so lovely as when it overcomes oppression.

many waters”  The difficulties needed to change the heart initially to love.  Giving the heart a sense of love for the devil tries to blind through unbelief.  A hardened unbelieving heart can’t stop love. ( She has a love in her heart that is above her own power because she believed God’s promises about His coming Messiah 2 Sam 7:12-15 with “name” Song 1:2-3.  Satan is the primary enemy of God’s love.  Satan uses deception by way of getting them to believe lies and unbelief in the truth in order to increase enmity against God and friendship with the world.  Which provokes God to Jealousy.  A Godly jealousy for His people and against Satan, the power and prince of the air.  A Love more powerful than Satan released her from his bondage.  The Messiah would “crush Satan head” Gen. 3.   The Messiah would have more power than Satan.  The also the apposing forces of our own flesh.  The enemy within.   And then there are the temptations of the world.  All three are in opposition to love.  Neither of these three great waters won’t quench their fire for each other.

God, in his Word, greatly insists upon it, that we be in good earnest, fervent in spirit, and our hearts vigorously engaged in love.

Love is a fire that can’t be doused.

The fire of divine love so enflames them, that much water of persecution cannot quench it; yea such is the nature of this fire, that it feeds on those waters, and grows more fervent by that which would quench it.  For the fire of love upon opposition on kindles another fire of an holy rage; which is full of anger and scorn, that life or death, or any other creature should offer to separate the soul from her loved Christ Jesus.

the soul made a conqueror and gainer in all labors, and loves, and crosses, through him that loves her.

doctrine. The Love of true saints to J. X is such that nothing can extinguish or overcome it overcome & extinguish it. 

I Prop. There is great opposition made to the Love of X that is in the hearts of the saints.  There is great opposition made by her remaining evil dwelling “tent” her flesh consisting of pride, selfishness and unbelief.  Her old self is her enemy.  Her old self hated God.  Her new heart loves God. 8:6 yet there is opposition. Power against power.  Prince of the air against the Prince of Peace and Love.  Yeah, Greater is He that is in me then Satan that influences the world to sin by believing his lies.  There is great opposition made to the love of her husband/Husband that she has in her heart.

She has an unquenchable fire in her heart and nothing is going to stop it.  Yeah, the fire in her heart only gets hotter and hotter and brighter and brighter when in the trial her gold was refined.  Her heart got purer.  She grew in holiness and stature to full maturity because her fire in her soul only burned hotter and hotter, nothing could quench it.  Many waters couldn’t stop it.  Her fire would vaporize every drop and then burn hotter.

The greatest challenge of the love of the bride is will she overcome the enmity in her heart that she has for God and husband to prove her love to them.  This is the action she must take and be a warrior bride fighting her flesh ( remaining remnants of sin, pride, unbelief and selfishness left in the heart, Dark am I 1:5

II However Great opposition is made — yet nothing can overcome & extinguish it.

Reasons nothing can overcome and extinguish it. Application.  Use of Information

Use of self-Examination

  1. Have you ever tasted that all conquering sense of the Excellency of X and his love to you.
  2. Have that victorious Faith in X.
  3. Does the Power of your Love not only appear in Contemplation & affection but in action.  Proofs of true and holy love.
  4. In the Experience of the Power of the Love of G. accompanied with a sense of your own weakness.  Dark am I, yet lovely in Christ.
  5. Do you experience the Power conquering power in the time of trial.

III. of Exhortation.   To Gods People to persevere in Love to X & be Faithful to him


1 The Perfection & unchangeableness of his Glory.

  1. How unquenchable X love to you has appeared to be

1 How unquenchable it appeared when he was on Earth.  His powerful love could not be Quenched by the sollicitati solicitations of the of satan & fair opportunities

Friends. Math 16. 22 diswade him from going up to Jerusalem Joh. 11. 8.

Master the Jews lately sought to stone thee & goest thou thither again

Floods of lies.  Satan’s flood of lies cant quench her love and faith.  Lie after lie like wave upon wave can’t quench her love. 3:1-4.   5:2-6:3

Floods of ungodly men.  Many waters cant quench love.  Floods of “thorns” 2:1 cant stop her.

Floods of wrath.  She was under the wrath of God in slavery to sin Song 1:5-6.  Bound to the law, outside a covenant relationship with God.  Love overcame the flood of God’s Wrath she was experiencing day after day in slavery in the hot sun getting scorched.

Floods of difficulty.  Difficulty after difficulty like mountain are overcome by Solomon like a skilled young stag or gazelle on the mountains. 2:17  Solomon’s love was unquenchable death couldn’t even stop it.

Christ had extremely dreadful views the night before He drank the cup of God’s Wrath, yet nothing could quench His Fire for God and sinful man. & when God’s wrath came upon him. & He endured for so long a Time Floods of ungodly men

  1.  so many Enemies
  2. of such various so  Ranks & degrees
  3. in so manifold & various opposition Reproaches

in their Great Cruelty

Floods from Hell as from the Great deep Floods of wrath.

Christ’s views of the flood gates of God’s infinite Wrath the night before were so dreadful he was already experiencing death.  Yet He wiling obeyed the Father and paid the bride price in full.

Floods of sin upon His back didn’t stop the dying Love of Jesus, nothing can stop or quench it.

in his Enemies in his disciples

  1.  unconquerable

2 dly How unquenchable X Love has appeared in his doings with you

His Electing Love before your Conversion.  How beautiful is the Holy Love of God before the foundation of the world he chose us.  Special love in Christ alone.  God loves Believers with the same Love for which He love Christ for we were in Him before the world began.

His Favour since your Conversion.  God’s love has not stopped since your conversion.

  1. this is the way to obtain the Peace & Joy that noting can Quench.  no floods can or extinguish or overwhelm.

That Light Peace & Comfort in times of public or private calamity comes from knowing God’s Love for you always.   this your Consolation

Buffetings of satan.  Satan attacks, lies and baits the hook.  God’s love for us and hatred for Satan won’t be quenched.  God will never stop hating Satan.  God’s love to Himself  and justice will not allow for it.

Our death cant stop God’s love for us in Christ for Christ died for us and we will have no part in the second death.

That death Judgmt . when those Gr Floods of wrath.

God’s love will never fail or be quenched in the Eternal Joy and rest in heaven forever.

as noahs Ark did be among those

like one of those Rev. 

  1. latter End



Then I saw in my dream, that the Interpreter took Christian by the hand, and led him into a place where was a fire burning against a wall, and one standing by it, always casting much water upon it, to quench it; yet did the fire burn higher and hotter.

Then said Christian, What means this?

The Interpreter answered, This fire is the work of grace that is wrought in the heart; he that casts water upon it, to extinguish and put it out, is the devil: but in that thou seest the fire, notwithstanding, burn higher and hotter, thou shalt also see the reason of that. So he had him about to the back side of the wall, where he saw a man with a vessel of oil in his hand, of the which he did also continually cast (but secretly) into the fire.

Then said Christian, What means this?

The Interpreter answered, This is Christ, who continually, with the oil of his grace, maintains the work already begun in the heart; by the means of which, notwithstanding what the devil can do, the souls of his people prove gracious still. 2 Cor. 12:9. And in that thou sawest that the man stood behind the wall to maintain the fire; this is to teach thee, that it is hard for the tempted to see how this work of grace is maintained in the soul.

And when the Apostle speaks of that perfect love that casts out fear, ’tis most agreeable to the style of Scripture to understand love that is perfect in this sense, viz. love that is so thorough and effectual as to appear in a readiness to devote ourselves to God, and his service, under all opposition and difficulties; a love that carries in it a conquest of the world, a renunciation of ourselves for God’s sake, our own ease, our own appetites, etc.; and an heart to sell all for God. 1 John 2:3–6, “Whoso keepeth his commandments, in him verily is the love of God perfected.” So love is made perfect by works, in the same sense in which the Apostle James says, James 2:22, “By works was faith made perfect.” This is the perfect love that casts out fear, that perfect spirit of adoption that casts out a spirit of bondage, as Sarah and Isaac cast out the bondwoman and her son. An inward feeling and consciousness of such victorious triumphant love as this, in the acts of its victory, does above all things tend to assure the heart of a good estate, and of a childlike relation to God. Such an inward sense and experience as this, is that which above all things naturally, and9 as it were necessarily, disposes the soul to look on God, and go to God, as its Father, or to cry, “Abba, Father.” Unless we are conscious within ourselves of this love conquering the flesh and the world, and of this conquest of love, our way will not be open; we shall not feel that entire boldness and confidence in approaching God as a Father.


Many waters….floods…”   From frequency of attacks to greatness of the attack.   Multiple trials won’t stop love and neither will the greatest trials and difficulties quench it.  ?or would many waters include frequency, variety and intensity.  And then floods in a positive sense would also include frequency, variety and intensity of the experience of felt love. 2:4, 5:1.   ( of peace in Isaiah 66:12,

Such an outpouring like rain was so that we would know that Yahweh is the LORD.  Ez. 38:22-23.)

Love is a Person more powerful than human ability.  Humans can’t muster up love.  Greater was the powerful love in the Song than the power and prince of the air who seeks to separate and appose their strict union.


Rivers of pleasure and grace can’t overflow the heart of love.  For along with each spark the soul’s capacity to both receive and give love is increased when we partake of his nature.

“overflow it”  This is a filling.  You can’t be to full of love.  You can’t ask for to much of it.  You can’t desire to much of it.  And if you were to get rivers of love you may reach a fill or full satisfaction Psalm 63:2-5,  Song 2:5-6, 5:1.  But it can’t be overfilled.  Be being filled with the Spirit.

Transition.  After seeing such a beautiful loving relationship and comparing it to what you have.  The natural conclusion is that you don’t either have this love at all or you have it but not in the degree that they do.  So the question arises “How do I get this love?”  How do I go about getting love or more of it?  Can I purchase it?


If one were to give all his possession for love, it would be utterly scorned

Love is priceless.  You can’t put a value on love.  You can’t buy love nor think it has a price.   No price or degree of suffering is to high for love.

If one give all the wealth of his house for love, Treading down — they tread upon it.

utterly scorned”  Solomon utterly scorned riches over wisdom and love 1 Kings 3.  Solomon also gave his love to an unworthy slave.  Solomon got nothing out of it, he gave himself and the kingdom of God to her through his union with her.

Free benevolence consists in acting benevolently from delight in it.  True love, your happiness is in theirs. 179 God’s passion for his glory.

You can’t bribe death with money.

Motive.  What’s the reason you do the supposed good deed.  Do you just do it for the sake of happiness of the other person or some benefit you desire.  Are you a friend of God or the world for friendship with the world is enmity with God.  Love is a free promise, not an agreement of I do this and you give me true love.  Love is reciprocal but true love loves back with because of who the person is and not primarily some benefit received for love has pure motives.

Love seeks to please and honor the beloved.  “Luke 14:26.] We must hate these, considered as an exchange for Christ, or as offered to us as inducement to forsake Christ, in the same manner as a just judge is said to hate gifts (Proverbs 15:27). Not that is meant that he should hate gold, or silver, or goods simply considered, but considered as offered as a purchase and bias of his judgment. And in the same manner, as it is said in Canticles

8:7, “If a man would give all the substance of his house for love, it would utterly be contemned,” not that it would be contemned simply and absolute, but as offered as an exchange for those things which love seeks and desires.”  “love seeks an addition to to fill up their Emptiness” 5:1  Whereas Christ’s love overflows.

Love can’t be quenched by the greatest trials nor drowned by extreme persecutions nor replaced by wealth.  If one would replace it, he would be utterly scorned and despised.  (Esau?)

Even after the bride had the kingdom and the promised land her love still slept.  Once she was queen and rich she still didn’t deny herself some comfort for his will not hers will be done. Song 5:2-4  If money could buy love then Solomon’s money should have been able to buy his wife’s love.  What we see is the opposite her love slept in the night of their honeymoon.  She has just disobeyed him and how would a type of Christ act?  How would a type of Christ show love to his bride right after she disobeyed him?  Love keeps no record of wrongs.

She couldn’t buy Solomon’s love, she was a slave.  An enemy of God couldn’t buy their way out of slavery and enjoying God’s promises rest in the land.  Possessing love, love to God would qualify you though.

Its incorruptibility. “If a man would give,” etc. It is not for sale; it cannot be bought or bribed. Again, apply this test to the three forms of love we have spoken of—human, Christian, Christ’s. And apply all these tests to our own love, and see if it will endure them. If it will, be thankful indeed, and make it evident to all that it is so. If it will not—and this is the sadder and more probable truth—behold, gaze on, contemplate earnestly, Christ’s love to us; and then for us, too, it may come to pass, “whilst I was musing, the fire burned.”

If you think you can buy my love, then you got another thing coming.  My utter despising of your offer you get.  Yet if you free give out of love I will accept.

He has everything to offer she has nothing but herself and love.

Spence-Jones, H. D. M. (Ed.). (1909). Song of Solomon (pp. 195–196). London; New York: Funk & Wagnalls Company.

Love will cost you everything but you can’t buy love.

She can’t earn his love with works, busy times, babbling words, sacrifice or great acts of self denial.

“difficulties of religion are called trials, because they try those that have the profession and appearance of saints, whether they are what they appear to be, real saints. If we put true gold into the furnace, we shall find its great value and preciousness: so the truth and inestimable value of the virtues of a true Christian appear, when under these trials; I Peter 1:7, “That the trial of your faith, being much more precious than of gold that perisheth, might be found unto praise, and honor, and glory.” True and pure gold will come out of the furnace in full weight: so true saints when tried come forth as gold (Job 23:10). Christ distinguishes true grace from counterfeit by this, that it is “gold tried in the fire” (Revelation 3:17–18). So that it is evident that these things are called trials in Scripture, principally as they try or prove the sincerity of professors.”

Where do we see her love tested?  We see that her soul has a better taste now 1:2.  We see love casting out fear.  We see true humility. 1:5.   On the top of the mountains. 4:8-9.  We see suffering won’t stop her 5:7.  We see her grow 2:16, 6:3, 7:10.

Where do we see his love tested?  To not judge her by outward appearance. 1:8  In his leadership being pure gold 5:11.  In him being compared to myrrh. 1:13.

“For they are called trials or proofs, only with regard to the result, and because the effect is eminently the proof, or evidence. And this is the most proper proof and evidence to the conscience of those that are the subjects of these trials. For when God is said by these things to try men, and prove them, to see what is in their hearts, and whether they will keep his commandments or no; we are not to understand, that it is for his own information, or that he may obtain evidence himself of their sincerity (for he needs no trials for his information); but chiefly for their conviction, and to exhibit evidence to their consciences.” JE   “for Abraham’s own greater satisfaction and comfort, and the more clear manifestation of the favor of God to him.”

She prizes his love and not what he could give her more than his love.  She would not take riches over his love and the assurance of it.  “His desire was for her”  The value of that assurance is priceless.

for love”   Love is a pure, unselfish and right inclination of the heart.

For the substance and nature of an indwelling principle in the heart.   If you don’t have this love then can you take everything you have and go to the grocery store and say here is all I have, now give me love.   Not show love to me but give me love, I want it in my heart, can I purchase it?   Can I go to God with everything he has given me and give it to Him in exchange for love?  Just the thought of such a thing would be abhorrent in
God’s pure and holy eyes.

That feeling that is more delightful than wine that inclines the heart to choose God’s will or her husbands/Husbands will over her own.  Can you purchase that feeling?

God is love.  God’s nature is love.  The essence of God is love.  Would you like to partake of the nature of God?  Can you purchase love or is it up for sale?  Is the nature and essence of God up for sale?

It takes a life and not things to purchase love.  Jesus Christ gave his life and felt death of both body and soul in exchange for the Holy Spirit.  The Son purchased the Holy Spirit which is love when God made His Son who knew no sin to be sin for us so that love could be sealed and indwelling in us.  So that God could be united to the soul by the essence and power of the indwelling Holy Spirit.  Then God who is Love, The Holy Spirit is freely given to us by Jesus.  God gives himself to us in the Person of Jesus Christ and by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Could the life of a bull or goat be enough to purchase love.

utterly”  Another superlative word.

utterly scorned”  Love can’t be bought.    You don’t have to earn your spouses love, it’s free.  This also gets ride of the idea of putting conditions on the other person, like if he doesn’t clean up then Im not picking up after him.   If he doesn’t do anything extra in the relationship then neither am I.  Love is unconditional.  ?Does loving because you want to rather than because you have to, fit into this category?

Or when mad you might say “I did this and I did that, and look at how you treat me.”  The one who say’s “I did this and I did that” believes they deserve something in return.  When they did “this and that” it should have been out of pure love not thinking she is owed his love.  Love is free and unconditional.  When you where doing “this and that” did you have conditions on your acts of love, if so then it’s not love.  Love just loves because it loves not to earn the other’s affections but just for loves sake, they love.

“Love is free” God’s free grace in justification. JE (expounds greatly on the idea of love being given freely)

“Love seeks nearness of to the beloved the access Cant be too near for Love it seeks Perfect union & all Possible nearness & all this Kind of freedom & nearness that Love desires or seeks it freely allowed”

Counting the cost beforehand.  Before engagement the couple must know the cost.  Before feelings start you must know the cost of love.  Self denial.  Suffering.  You will lose sleep by going to bed late, getting up in the middle of the night and getting up early in order to do your part of showing love in the relationship.  You will have to do some extra work, cleaning, laboring that you think is nothing compared to what Jesus did.

Therefore I love Your commandments More than gold, yes, thanfine gold!
Since love is strong as death, no human has power over it.  For death is more powerful than human ability to stop so also love is a power above normal sinners ability to get or increase on their own.  Left to ourselves we have no power to love.  Can you give all your household to get love?
So you possession of this love, can you buy it, can you do something in exchange for it?  No, what an utterly evil thought or inclination of the heart to believe you could give physical things in exchange for a superlative spiritual power.  Because the value of love is beyond measure.  You can measure everything a person physically owns.
True love would not accept that offer.
?Is the Song implying that the love is from her husband or Husband that can’t be purchased?
Since love is done with pure motives and she had love in her heart we will assume that all they do is from a heart of love and their motives not selfish.  Except 5:2-5 and possibly 3:1.  We can read right motives into their words and actions.  It is a love poem with lovers that truly love each other without selfish motives or putting self primarily more important than the other.  Does the head think itself separate from the body or arm when the body is one body that operates and functions as one.  Each part in harmony with the other’s in mind.  The mind doesn’t do its own thing and the arm another.  Nor does arm lead and the head follow but the head and heart leads and the body and arm follows for the two are one.
Can’t buy love nor can you purchase the Holy Spirit.  Acts 8:18-20
If you have such a thought then “Repent of this wickedness and pray to the Lord in the hope that He may forgive you for having such a thought in your heart.”
Repent of wicked thoughts about love in our hearts.

Questions to ask yourself as you read the Song

Where do we see them freely giving themselves to each other?

Where do we see the value of love in it’s fruits?  Love made her inner being beautiful and therefore fit for a harmonious union with Israel’s Messiah.

Are their words and action that manifest a high esteem of love due to it’s great worth?  Praise of it 1:4, 4:8-10,


Do acts of goodness with pure motives.  Is this love that can’t be bought observable in your marriage?

Ask for it/Him.  Since you can’t purchase love nor muster it up from an impure heart you must ask for it and our Heavenly Father who gives good things or the Holy Spirit, if He will by His grace with give it.


“she has not”  Ready for love and marriage.  Ez. 16:7-8

Interesting how many came to Solomon to hear his wisdom and here they come to his wife for advice.  Wisdom is gained by age and experience, furthered by instruction and exercise.


Proverbs 31:26 “She opens her mouth with wisdom, and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue.

Why praise and adorn the virgin and why board up the adulterous? Why?  For having Jealous feelings is severely cruel like hell fire.  Thoughts of Jealousy ruin getting closer and closer.


I am a wall, and my breasts are like towers

She is fully mature its like Paul saying in 2 Timothy 4:7-8  “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the course, I have kept the faith; in the future there is laid up for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will award to me on that day; and not only to me, but also to all who have loved His appearing.”


“Like a city that is broken into and without walls Is a man who has no control over his spirit.”


Christ has his delight, most truly and properly, in obtaining the salvation of his church, not merely as a means conducing to the thing which terminates his delight and joy; but as what he rejoices and is satisfied in, most directly and properly: as do those scriptures which represent him as rejoicing in his obtaining this fruit of his labor and purchase, as the bridegroom when he obtains his bride. Isaiah 62:5, “As the bridegroom rejoices over the bride, so shall thy God rejoice over thee.”


Holy practice is as much the end of all that God does about his saints, as fruit is the end of all the husbandman does about the growth of his field or vineyard: as the matter is often represented in Scripture (Matthew 3:10; ch. 13:8, 23, 24–30, 38; ch. 21:19, 33–34; Luke 13:6; John 15:1, 2, 4–6,8; I Corinthians 3:9; Hebrews 6:7–8; Isaiah 5:1–8; Canticles 8:11–12; Isaiah 27:2–3)



Husband and or Lord of a multitude

John 4:36, “And he that reapeth receiveth wages, that he that soweth and he that reapeth may rejoice together.”


But my own vineyard is mine to give;
    the thousand shekels are for you, Solomon,
    and two hundred are for those who tend its fruit.”

They lived under the rules of the torah in regards to the fruitfulness of the land.

She is paying her respects or giving what is due to those who deserve it.

Income from the land was due to the owner.   If Solomon owned the land then he would be entitled to the 1,000.

 “The king asked the woman about it, and she told him. Then he assigned an official to her case and said to him, “Give back everything that belonged to her, including all the income from her land from the day she left the country until now.”  2 Kings 8:6

Gen. 41:34, Lev. 5:16, *Lev. 27:19,31

“And he will take the tenth of your seed, and of your vineyards, and give to his officers, and to his servants.” ?Samuel, speaking to Israel of their prophecied by king, Saul and what he would do.?


“gardens” The garden was where Solomon often went to gather lilies. It was place where she knew she cold find him when feeling painfully separated from him. A beautiful and delightful place where lovers met to express their love to each other. “My beloved is mine and I am his. He shepherds among the lilies.” Lilies being in his physical and literal garden. Solomon or the narrator or God is asking those who are close and communing in love together in their respective literal gardens to tell him what’s on their mind and felt in their hearts.

You who dwell in the gardens
    with friends in attendance,
    let me hear your voice!
“beautiful; because therein is some image of the consent of mind, of the different members of a society or system of intelligent beings, sweetly united in a benevolent agreement of heart.” JE Solomon and his wife have let their light shine before men that they may see their love to one another and now praise resounds toward God unless 8:14 is their response, then desire for their Messiah is the unified voice of the people in the gardens
The “you”  and “your” is feminine.  So the request of of the woman who is in the garden where lovers often meet to express their love to each other.  Friends and companions are there, so this is a public setting.  It is toward the end of the love Song.  The king and everyone else want to hear what she has to say.  Her response is in 8:14.
This the common light and sense of God’s people leads Christians to, in all countries. And the wisdom of God seems to dictate the same thing, in appointing that his people, through the world, in all ages, in their stated and ordinary public worship, every week, should manifest this union and communion one with another, in their worship, as one holy society, and great congregation of worshipers, and servants of God; by offering up their worship on the same day; for the greater glory of their common Lord, and the greater edification and comfort of the whole body.
And the principal means by which God glorifies his Son in the world that is created is by providing him a spouse, to be presented [to] him in perfect union, in perfect purity, beauty and glory.

“Those of you that are united.  One.  One people under God through union and communion with His type/Types of Christ in love let the listening hear their voices.  Bonded by covenant.  Same purpose.  Same love.  Acting as one.  One body.

Who are the ones listening to his wife he wants to hear from those she has given advise to.?

“companions”  Meaning, “Those who are united, let me hear your voice”  1 Kings 20:11

“Let me hear your voice”   “As to what is alleged of its being unworthy of great men to be governed in their conduct and achievements by a regard to the applause of the populace: I would observe, what makes their applause to be worthy of so little regard, is their ignorance, giddiness and injustice. The applause of the multitude very frequently is not founded on any just view and understanding of things, but on humor, mistake, folly and unreasonable affections. Such applause is truly worthy to be disregarded.”… “’tis not beneath a man of the greatest dignity and wisdom to value the wise and just esteem of others” JE

Let me hear your love song, those who are one in the gardens.  Let me here your voice those who sweetly commune one with the other in the garden of love.

They are to praise, delight and value their love.  Any outward manifestation of love is a delight in God,  God who is love works in and through them to glorify Himself, namely by outward manifests of love being seen and delighted in.

How they respond is not mentioned.  But after all has been said, seen and delighted in what is the response of all the couples in the gardens with friends in attendance.  I would like to think that their response was unified.  Solomon loved all of Israel and the couples and their friends, his love flowed out to all of them as their king, friend, prophet etc.  And they all, with one heart and one soul, unite in praise and love to their common Messiah.  Solomon was a spiritual husband to all.  Every heart was wedded to him in their respective relations and all rejoice in him.


The bride has yearned for her beloved and he is sealed to her heart yet her heart wants to also be closer to her promised coming King.  What better time then to come now!  Solomon had prepared a blameless and upright bride for him/Him.  And the spirit of the bride says, come, turn and make haste.  God had blessed even the mountain tops with spices and myrrh as David had prayed. Ps. 72:3   She would have known Ps 72 by now.  Which speaks of a better king than Solomon to come.  A more desirable king than the king of peace, beloved son of God, Solomon.  Those in the gardens also yearn and long for the coming everlasting king.  So much better, good, holy and happier things are promised to happen during his/His Everlasting reign!

Is Solomon away and bringing back the ark and the people cant wait?

Do you have an increasing desire for Jesus to come?

Leviticus 3:5. “Upon the burnt sacrifice.”] “I.e. the daily burnt offering, the lamb which was offered every morning before any other sacrifice was offered, so that the fat of the peace offerings was an addition to that, and a continuation of it. The great sacrifice of peace, that of ‘the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world’ [John 1:29], prepares the altar for our sacrifices of praise, which are not accepted till we are reconciled.

They are all desiring for Israel’s Messiah to come!!  “all the friends or companions” observing those in love in the gardens.  We let Israel’s Messiah here our voice, let him here our hearts desire,  “Come away, my beloved”

Not only are they just desiring her husband to come near her so she can enjoy him more than before

After a long night away from him in the desert, she humbled herself and produced every fruit in the garden, stayed humble under praise, fought the flesh overcoming it by love to God, not ever doubting His love to me

The Spirit and the bride say, “Come!” And let the one who hears say, “Come!” Let the one who is thirsty come; and let the one who wishes take the free gift of the water of life.

The End

“My soul waits for the Lord More than those who watch for the morning— Yes, more than those who watch for the morning.”
“She is more precious than rubies, And all the things you may desire cannot compare with her.”  What is of greater value?  Love and wisdom or money and wine.

Leaving you wondering what the most glorious praise would be for the most beautiful bride!  She received praises when worthy of them and here we have the bride more worthy of praise than any other portion of of the Song.  She is awaiting his return and is blameless, holy and practically the most beautiful inside and out.  He will praise her and enjoy all the fruits of his love to her.  He will praise her and the communion will be all the more sweeter for their union will be much stricter.

?She has been on top of the mountains producing and cultivation precious and valuable things for him to enjoy for the mountains are spice laden?

4:8  “Come with me from Lebanon, my bride,
    come with me from Lebanon.
Descend from the crest of Amana,
    from the top of Senir, the summit of Hermon,

The garden she was to take care of is fully producing fruit and she is eagerly awaiting his return.

Her producing fruits of her love are like him enjoying the sweetest smell of myrrh on the mountains and possessing something of great value.  What is it that he has that is of great value?  It is her she is more precious than diamonds and more valuable than rubies!  Her worth is more than pure gold and her beauty beyond imagination!

Come Messiah, Come my love, and be like a row or like a young one of the harts on the mountains of spices!  God is really blessing the land and all who dwell in it.

“Mountains of Spices”  both are plural.  The constancy and duration of her obedience is evident by the multiple mountains and spices which are upon each of them.   “And the degree of religion is rather to be judged of by the fixedness and strength of the habit that is exercised in affection, whereby holy affection is habitual, than by the degree of the present exercise: and the strength of that habit is not always in proportion to outward effects and manifestations, or inward effects, in the hurry and vehemence, and sudden changes of the course of the thoughts of the mind.”  JE

Ardent affection and yearning may be sinful or mixed with sin and impatience.


Her history and his.

Scene 1  His effectual call  “Draw me after you.”  Lost and found.

Scene 2 Proposal, communication, foxes are caught.

Scene 3 Engagement

Scene 4  Sweet communion broken and then found.

Scene 5  She is heavily protected, precious and valuable headed to the wedding in Solomon’s couch.

Scene 6  Solomon is crowned king at the wedding

Scene 7  The honey moon.  Chapter 4

Scene 8  She’s not there for him, leads to all kinds of trouble, she humbles herself and they are together adoring one another again.

Scenes organized by “flashes of love”

Flash 1  “Love to the Song 1:2-4  Flash 2

Act 1

A sunburnt enemy slave is desiring to be married to the king.

Act 2  The Daughters of Jerusalem

Bride to be gives her testimony to the daughters of Jerusalem.  With flashes back to how things used to be and why she is dark, yet lovely.

Act 3  Lost and Found

She calls out to the wise king, good shepherd her heart loved.  She was sunburnt and Justly enslaved in hard labor under the sun and wanted rest near the one she loved but didn’t know where to find it.  So she asks him. 1:7   He compliments her inner and outer beauty, then tells her where to find rest.   She fearlessly and swiftly follows the sheep.  He compliments her noble character and compares it to the most valuable mare in battle,  a mare harnessed to pharaohs chariot.  Fearless,  Swift, obedient, most beautiful in battle!

Act 4  Mutual adoration and communion at his table

Act 5 Everyone promises to make her more beautiful 1:11

Act 6  Eye to eye.  They both get close and look into each other’s eye’s and adore one another at a closer level

Act 7  Mutual dwelling place

Walk through the garden.

Act 8  A look at the most beautiful Rose and Lily

Scene 9  A lily among thorns


The one her heart loves

Christ’s love to church

Ephesians 5:27 “Husbands love your wives as Christ loved the church and gave himself for her

The pre-incarnate form of Christ’s love to Israel

Ex. 23

The Angel of the LORD

God’s love to Israel

List of verses

Bridal prayer

I am the Bride and You are my Heavenly Bridegroom  You chose me to be your Bride before the world began.  From Your perspective we were always one, united from all eternity past in Your eyes.

We are one.  We are united.

Draw me by Your Name,  As my desire expressed itself in words You fulfilled my desire.

My Love spoke and said to me” Resist the Devil by Bride and your enemy will flee, humble yourself under the Mighty Hand of God.

Draw near to Me and I will draw near to you.  I have drawn you with an Everlasting Love.”

Your Father sent You to die for me, I have tasted Your LOVE by faith and it is more delightful than any other experience!!  Thank You my LORD and Savior.  Reveal to me Your Name, let me see Your Beauty greater than before.  Show me Your Glory and let your Goodness pass before me.

“I will proclaim My Name to You and let My Goodness pass before you as you behold the Glory of God in My Face.”

As my Husband told me about Himself I gained a greater knowledge of Him and my love for Him grew as I grew in the knowledge of Him.  More and more my heart cries day and night.  More love to Thee oh Christ, more love to Thee.

Take me away with You let us hurry!

Draw me after You

God in Christ is always on my mind.  Oh, God my Father, hollowed by Thy Name.  Let Christ reveal His Love to me over and over again for beholding your Beauty and tasting Your Love is better than any other experience.  More delightful than wine.

Pleasing is the fragrance of Your Name for it is Holy.  You are without mixture of any evil and You delight in holiness,  Your greatest delight is in the Father for He is Holy.

Love to God the fountain and foundation

not that they had any view or sense of the holy and glorious nature of the kingdom of heaven, and the spiritual glory of that God who gives it, and of his excellent grace to sinful men, in offering and giving them this kingdom, of his own good pleasure, preceding their imagined interest in these things, and their being affected by them, and being the foundation of their affection, and hope of an interest in them.


Even the strictest union and most intimate access isn’t enough and won’t quench her love she still desires a closer union.

Even though they were together and one in 5:1.  There still need to be more of their sinful nature to be weeded out of their vineyard.  Even though she is sealed on his heart and arm they still have some degree of pride, selfishness and unbelief in their hearts to overcome so that the two can be even closer so she says,

“Make haste.  And be like a gazelle on the spiced mountains.”  God’s curse on the land has been much reversed and their is spices on the mountains.  Not only is the land flourishing but so is their relationship.  On the outside it looks the best it could ever be but in their heart they yearn for even a closer more intimate union.

Happiness will forever be increased with her ever increasing stricter union with him.  Essentially she is asking him to still draw even closer to her.  Her happiness lies in the nearness of her beloved.  There is no such thing as to close when love is true.  Infinite happiness.

Love desires the Continuance of Good ________________ will surely be infinite happy to all Et. Possess eternal dominion.